The Casper-Natrona County Health Department offer a wide variety of vaccinations for children and adults.

We encourage everyone to stay up to date on their vaccinations, you could be protecting someone else by getting vaccinated!   Vaccines have not been linked to autism, and are completely safe.  For more information on vaccine safety, please go to

The CNCHD also participates in the WyVIP (Wyoming Vaccinates Important People) program sponsored by the Wyoming Department of Health.

Medicaid will pay for children’s immunizations if they are 18 or under through the WyVIP program. For those with private insurance, most vaccines (except for Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Gardasil and Influenza) are covered by WyVIP with only an administration fee being charged. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, please contact us for cost information at 577-9757.

The CNCHD is approved by the Wyoming Department of Health to provide immunizations to the community; however we are not providing travel evaluations at this time.  All travel evaluations are being done by Dr. Dowell, the County Health Officer.  He can be reached at 234-8700.

Please call 577-9757 to schedule an appointment for immunizations.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany children under 18.