Environmental Health


The Environmental Health Division offers the following services:

  • Body Art Licensing and Inspection
  • Complaint and Nuisance Investigation (Lodge a Complaint)
  • On-Site Wastewater Systems (Septic Systems)
  • Communicable Disease Investigation (in conjunction with Wyo Dept of Health)
  • Animal Bite Investigation (in conjunction with Metro Animal Control and Welfare)
  • Food Establishment Licensing, Inspections, and Food Safety Training (Restaurants, Mobile Units, Retail Food Stores, Institutions, Temporary Events)
  • Lead and Radon Technical Assistance
  • Mosquito Control & Surveillance (April-September)
  • Daycare Health, Safety & Sanitation Inspections and Training
  • Lodging Licensing and Inspections (Hotel, Motel, and Campground Parks)
  • Recreational Water Licensing and Inspections (Swimming Pools and Spas)
  • Oversight for Methamphetamine (Meth) Lab remediation