Be Prepared

The Casper-Natrona County Health Department would like you to be more prepared in case of an emergency.  Resolve to do one thing every month for the next year, and we will guarantee you will be more prepared by the end of the year.  For easy to use calendar reminders and useful tips, go to and be more prepared in the coming year.

It may be several days before responders can address the non-life safety needs of the public following an incident.  You should be prepared to provide for you, your family and pets’ needs.  Steps to take for personal preparedness include the following:

  • Make a family communication plan and preparedness plan- great templates to use can be found at
  • Make a 72 hour kit- Please see the CNCHD’s Family Emergency Preparedness Guide  for items you may want to include in your kit.
  • Make a 72 hour kit for your pets as well as a plan for how to evacuate your pets.
  • Inform others of your plan and PRACTICE YOUR PLAN!

YOU can be an advocate for change!  If your workplace does not have a preparedness plan, encourage them to make one.

Additional Preparedness Resources