Fees for Services

Subject:           Fees and Donations

Purpose:          To ensure consistency in the request and acceptance of fees and donations and to ensure that clients are not denied services based on income. 

Policy:             The policy sets maximum fees that may be charged for services.  These services may be billed to the client or insurance.  Statements will be forwarded on a monthly basis for services over $10.00 for six months.  After six months the amount due will be retained in the client’s file for possibility of payment.  Some fees are charged on a sliding scale based on income and may be a lesser charge than indicated.  Donations may be accepted from all clients. 

Education Classes and Presentations

CPR Class – Initial certificate            $50.00

First Aid Class – Initial certificate     $50.00

CPR/First Aid – Renewal                   $50.00                         

Nursing Services:


Environmental Health Services

The Natrona County Board of Health recently adopted new fees for services.  Please see the document here:  fee-chart-11-2016

Administrative Services

Records Search     $15.00 per hour

Document Photocopy     $1.00 per sheet (8 1/2 x 11)

General Considerations

The above fees are maximums, not to be exceeded.  In certain cases, the Department Director and the Division Directors may authorize reductions, or waivers from these fees, based upon compelling need.

No fees will be charged for follow-up of communicable diseases nor for individuals who receive services under the public health nursing infant home visitation subprogram created by W.S. 35-27-102.  No person shall be denied family planning services within the limits of available personnel and expertise because of an inability to pay the cost of such services.  No fee established under this section shall exceed $200.00. 

Revised:  11/2016